Review Criteria

This page was last updated on 13th March 2015.

All product reviews on this site must be written according to the ‘Review Criteria’ which we will outline below. The ‘Review Criteria’ has been created to ensure that all product reviews are fair and balanced. You may also wish to read our criteria for ‘Approved’ products.

If you believe a product review does not follow our ‘Review Criteria’, please email and we will investigate the claim.


The Review Criteria

Guidelines For Reviews: All reviews must be written using information which is publicly available online at the time of writing. Reviews must be written in a neutral and informative tone. Opinionated statements are prohibited from appearing in reviews. All reviews must be fair and balanced. Any statements must be backed up with references indicating where the information was found. Reviews must follow the format which is highlighted below.

Overview: A positive aspect of the product must be outlined followed by a negative aspect of the product.

Introduction: The key aspects of the product must be outlined. Both positive and negative aspects of the product must be mentioned in order to keep the review balanced.

Pros & Cons: There must be an equal number of pros and cons for each product. Pros and cons will contain the key aspects of the product.

Which of the 5 Key Areas of Weight Loss does [PRODUCT NAME] Cover: This section will highlight the claims made by manufacturers in terms of the product’s weight loss abilities. As these is no evidence to back-up these claims, it must be made clear that these are just ‘claims’ and not ‘facts’.

Ingredients: This section highlights the key ingredients contained in the product. General information on each ingredient is given – it does not have to be specific to weight loss. Any information must be backed-up with references.

How It Works: This section will look at which areas of weight loss the product’s ingredients are suggested to target. This will be done by looking at clinical studies which have been conducted on the ingredients. Any information found will be sourced. Findings may be compared to the original product claims.

Clinical Studies: The definition of a clinical study will be states. It will also be mentioned whether or not there have been any clinical studies conducted on the product. If there have been studies conducted on the product, an overview of this study will be given including the findings. If there have not been any studies conducted on a product, this may be mentioned. Clinical studies conducted on the product’s ingredients will also be detailed. The aim, method, results and conclusion will be talked about and a link to any study mentioned will be given.

Side Effects: It will be mentioned if the manufacturer reports that there are any likely side effects associated with the product. The ingredients will be looked at with any side effects associated with an ingredient reported. Information will be sourced. It may also be mentioned if an ingredient is not recommended be taken by certain people due to safety reasons.

How To Use: Usage instructions from a product’s official website will be reiterated. It may also be mentioned if an official website does not include any usage instructions. We will also talk about any precautions when taking the product as well as mentioning any people who are recommended not to take the product.

Who Makes It: We will mention the company who makes the product. We will also mention if their contact details are easy to obtain as well as whether the company offer a money-back-guarantee. We may also talk about other products which they manufacture. It may be mentioned if we cannot find any information on who makes the product.

Where To Buy: Information on where the product can be purchased will be presented. We will also write about whether the product is purchased via one-off payment or subscription. We will also give the product’s price. Money-back-guarantees may also be talked about here.

Overall Verdict: The key aspects of the product will be mentioned. Both positive and negative points will be discussed in order to keep the review balanced. There will be no opinions.