Last updated November 25th 2016

While Qivana could have the potential to bring about many important health benefits in the body, it is unclear whether its ingredients are proven to perform, whilst purchasing the product requires signing u to a multilevel marketing membership.

Qivana is a company specialising in creating health and dietary products that could enable customers to lose a significant amount of weight and improve their general health. The company currently manufacture and sell a wide array of products that claim to be able to improve your health by targeting a variety of areas.

The company operate in the form of a multilevel marketing system that could enable people to start making money by becoming a part of the program. However, it is unclear just how effective joining the system is when it comes to making money as it is based on a commission system where you must refer and share the product with other people in order to make any profit.

Company Background

Qivana appear to have been started in 2009 and are based in Utah, USA. They provide a number of different health and dietary products which are said to be effective at improving various areas of your health including stimulating weight loss. The company have gained credible exposure by appearing in a number of media stories such as magazine covers and news reports, so they have received a large degree of publicity.

They state on their official website that they are dedicated to providing natural products which have been researched and manufactured by leading doctors and scientists. They provide extensive information about themselves and their leadership team which contains a variety of well-known individuals with decades of industry experience.

Specifically, the company claim that they were founded by five industry veterans with the aim of creating cutting-edge health and dietary products. They state that many leading professionals such as Olympic athletes and professional athletes are regular users of Qivana products.

Qivana Products

Qivana manufacture and sell a number of different products in the health and dietary area. They make a number of strong claims about their products, claiming that it can help to transform your body and provide a wide array of health benefits, including instigating weight loss. They currently provide four main product packages that are said to contribute towards your health from a number of different angles.


Qore is a product which is said to help boost your immune system, something that can provide a number of benefits to the body. A healthy immune system is vitally important to fight off disease, while it also has a variety of other effects such as potentially improving athletic performance and stamina. Additionally, the official website also claims that this product can improve other areas of your health including boosting digestive function and improving nutrient absorption. These are two effects which may be able to have a strong impact on your health by regulating hunger and potentially instigating significant weight loss in the long run.

The official website claims that this product utilises a ‘ground-breaking’ Direct Dissolve technology, meaning that it comes in the form of a powder and it is able to enter into the body much more quickly than other ways. The official website also claims that this product is protected by eight different patents. While the website makes a wide range of claims about what this product can do, it does not provide the full details of exactly what ingredients are contained within it and what the exact dosages are. However, it does claim that some of the ingredients present include an ‘Immortality Herb’ and White Korean Ginseng.


Metaboliq is a product that may be able to instigate significant weight loss within the body as the company claim it can target your metabolism and also instigate fat burning. In addition to this, it is also purportedly capable of encouraging the body to develop lean muscle mass, something that could help to improve your body composition by lowering your body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass.

Said to be the final results of 30 years of pioneering research, the product is said to include certain nutrients that are claimed to be able to activate fat burning within your body and also to help build up muscle. Despite this, on the official website there is absolutely no mention of what the actual active ingredients are within the product. However, after a bit of research, it appears that ingredients such as cayenne pepper and green tea extract are present which may enable it to help bring about weight loss and boost the metabolism.


Prime is a supplement that is said to improve a wide variety of areas of your health by increasing nitric oxide production within the body. This is an effect which is purportedly capable of maintaining healthy blood flow, memory, cognitive performance, sexual function and blood pressure levels. Although it is unclear whether this is something that may help with weight loss, it could have the potential to improve athletic performance by increasing oxygen and blood flow, something that could potentially enable people to exercise more frequently.

The product contains a wide array of active ingredients which are purportedly able to help increase nitric oxide production in order to boost your health. Some of the ingredients present within this product include pine bark extract, pomegranate and beet root powder. The product page also quotes a number of different scientific studies which are said to support the statement that these ingredients can help improve cardiovascular health and other areas in your body.


Skinshift is a product claimed to be able to combat aging of the skin and has been featured on a variety of popular media platforms in the USA. This product supposedly takes into account your individual DNA in order to help combat the ageing of the skin. The Skinshift system is comprised of a number of different supplements and treatments which contain a wide array of active ingredients purportedly capable of contributing towards your skin health.

Many of the supplements in this product package contains vitamins that might help with your skin, while some other active ingredients present within the supplements include Gingko extract, grapeseed and garlic. Despite providing a list of the active ingredients, the product does not actually specifically state quite how it might help with your skin and does not provide any clinical evidence that it can.

Becoming a Part of the Program

As with other popular multilevel marketing health products, it is not possible to simply purchase a single amount of the product from the manufacturer as you would with other dietary supplements where you only purchase a certain quantity for private usage. Instead, you are required to become a member of the Qivana program in order to be able to purchase any of the supplements directly from the manufacturer. While the specific amount that you can purchase varies from product to product, it is usually on a wholesale basis where you will be required to purchase multiple amounts at once.

This is due to the fact that the company places an emphasis on members attracting other paying customers into the program rather than simply selling it on a retail basis to individuals. Because of this, they have set up a commission-based compensation system whereby customers are able to introduce other people into the program and sell their own products to them in order to make money.

The compensation system is rather complex but provides a number of incentives that could enable some people to make profit from the system. Perhaps the primary method of making commission is through Retail Commissions but there are other ways including a ‘Quickstart Bonus’ and ‘Team Commissions’.

Does the Company Seem Credible?

Because there is often a stigma associated with multilevel marketing companies due to some dubious companies utilising this system in the past, many people can be sceptical about a company like Qivana. This is because often the rules and regulations can be very unfairly biased against newcomers and those at the bottom of the pyramid, whilst it can strongly favour those who are at the top.

There have been some reports of members complaining about the way the company operates, whilst others have claimed that it can be extremely difficult to make a membership a viable venture due to the difficulty of establishing yourself. Despite this, there have also been other reports of success stories, so it does appear that with the correct actions it is possible to make your membership a profitable venture.

There does not appear to be any existing legal complaints against the company, so from this perspective they look to be quite credible. In addition to this, they have also been featured in a wide array of credible media outlets and are very open about who they are and who is running the company.


While there is only a limited amount of clinical evidence available to suggest that the products within the Qivana range are actually capable of performing like they claim to, some of the health and beauty related products may be effective. Despite this, when it comes to picking out a reliable weight loss aid, it is currently unclear whether any of the products in this range will be able to help. The company behind the product on the whole look to be credible as they have been featured in many popular news and media outlets and are very transparent about who they are and how they run their company. However, it is unclear whether becoming a member of the company does represent a viable financial venture.