Dr Bernstein Diet

Last updated March 11th 2017

Despite its emphasis on clinical professionals and healthy dieting, it is still unclear whether the Dr Bernstein Diet is suitable for all people.

The Dr Bernstein Diet is a diet plan that both offers a traditional diet to follow alongside having one-to-one meetings in order to achieve a weight loss solution tailored to your needs. The diet plan makes a number of claims such as guaranteeing weight loss of 10lbs each month for each individual and consists only of making changes to your diet and following advice by experts, as it does not involve taking any dietary supplements. While the diet plan may be capable of instigating significant weight loss, currently clinics following the diet plan are located exclusively in the United States and Canada.

What is the Dr Bernstein Diet?

The Dr Bernstein Diet consists of a hybrid approach of both sticking to a weight loss plan in addition to attending regular meetings with a dietary expert. This approach is said to enable each individual to tailor their diet according to their specific requirements, something that could help people to maximise the amount of weight that they lose by playing to their body’s strengths and weaknesses. While the diet plan consists of in-depth information about what food to eat on a daily basis, it does not involve following any exercise or workout plan.

The diet plan is headed by various Dr Bernstein Diet and Health clinics which are located across the United States and Canada. Founded by Dr Bernstein, the plan came into being due to the lack of proven weight loss programs offered by health institutions across the country. Most notably, the diet plan claims to be able to guarantee that each individual will use at the very least 10lbs each month.

Although some information can be found about the diet plan online, there is not in fact a fixed price due to the fact that each person has different weight loss needs. The diet plan claims that prices will vary for each individual because of this, so it is unclear just how much you will in fact be paying if you choose to enrol onto this diet program.

How can the Dr Bernstein Diet help with weight loss?

Making the strong claim that each follower of the diet program will lose at least 10lbs each month, it is worth looking at exactly just how this weight loss programme is purportedly capable of bringing about weight loss. The diet plan consists of a variety of different aspects which are said to target different areas of weight loss in order to offer a comprehensive diet plan. Primarily, the diet plan consists of empowering each individual with the knowledge and information about how to follow a healthy and balanced diet in order to bring about weight loss naturally without the use of supplements.

One of the central concepts of the Dr Bernstein Diet is that following a calorie restricted diet is one of the most effective ways to bring about weight loss within the body. The diet claims that sticking to its reduced calorie diet is capable of simultaneously encouraging fat burning and boosting the metabolism, two key areas of weight loss that can bring about sustained rapid fat loss and overall body weight loss.

As well as restricting calories to bring about a caloric deficit, the diet plan also emphasises reducing your sugar intake in order to manage your hunger and energy levels. Too much sugar is something that can disrupt the appetite and lead to fluctuations in hunger, while it also encourages eating unhealthy and calorie-rich snacks due to sugar cravings.

However, the Dr Bernstein Diet is much different to regular diet plans as it actually involves meeting with professionals in the health industry in order to further discuss and tailor a diet plan to suit your needs. Not only are these meetings very helpful from a dietary perspective in that you can gain knowledge from an expert in the industry, but many customers find that meeting with someone face-to-face is a strong motivational force and it can help them to stick to the weight loss goals much more easily.

In addition to this, there is a diet book that customers can use in addition to access to the official website which contains much more information about weight loss. However, only a limited amount of information about the diet plan is available for regular people, as much more is disclosed once you have signed up. The Dr Bernstein Diet differs from some conventional diet plans in that it does not actually involve purchasing or consuming ready-made meals or supplements; instead, it teaches customers everything they need to know in order to cook healthy and balanced meals themselves.

What clinical evidence supports the Dr Bernstein Diet?

There are no clinical studies published on the official website of the diet plan supporting its claims, so it appears that the diet plan as a whole has not yet undergone any clinical trials. However, as it is clear that the diet plan involves sticking to a low calorie diet in order to lose weight, any clinical evidence that has been carried out on low calorie and low carbohydrate diets will apply to a certain degree towards the Dr Bernstein Diet.

One study was carried out in order to observe the influence that a low carbohydrate diet had on weight loss. Over the course of this study, 63 or obese participants were required to consume a diet of either low carbohydrate or high carbohydrates as well as other factors such as high or low fat over the course of one year. The final results of the study found that participants who were adhering to the low carbohydrate diet showed an increased level of weight loss compared to those in the high carbohydrate group.

Another study also looked at the effects of a low carbohydrate diet on weight loss. During this study, 132 obese participants were split into two groups consuming either a low carbohydrate diet or a low fat and low calorie diet over the course of six months. As with the previous study, the final results found that participants sticking to the low carbohydrate diet exhibited increased levels of weight loss compared to the low fat and low calorie group, although both groups lost weight.

Although numerous studies have observed that low carbohydrate diets have the potential to bring about significant weight loss, there are still many question marks over whether such diet plans are capable of leading to long-term benefits. Although there is promise for such diets, far more clinical research is required before they can be considered as reliable.

Side Effects of the Dr Bernstein Diet

As with any period of dieting over a prolonged period of time, there can be risks involved if your body is not used to dieting or if you do not follow the correct dieting steps in order to remain healthy. There are some side-effects which may be difficult to avoid completely when dieting, especially when sticking to a low calorie diet due to a restriction in energy that your body receives. However, since this diet plan does not entail consuming any weight loss supplements containing powerful active ingredients and simply consists in sticking to a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet, there does not appear to be a great risk involved.

Despite this, as mentioned previously there are some side-effects which could have the potential to come about when following any diet plan, especially one that restricts your calories. Due to a potential shortage of energy that you receive from your calories, there is the chance that certain side-effects such as fatigue, dizziness and a lack of focus could occur. In addition to this, you may also experience a significant increase in hunger cravings due to the fact that you are restricting your usual food intake. However, as a meeting at a clinic will help you to tailor a diet plan to your requirements, you may be able to sidestep any potential side effects by taking the correct steps.


On the whole, the Dr Bernstein Diet appears to have promise as a diet plan due to the fact that it combines a conventional calorie restricted diet approach with regular meetings with clinical professionals. Meeting regularly with someone to talk about your diet plan could help significantly when it comes to motivation, while it also helps you to design a bespoke diet plan that suits your requirements. Despite this, the overall cost of the diet plan is unclear as it varies from person to person, while the long term weight loss benefits of a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet are still not proven.