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1st November by Timon Thrive Patch

I have multiple family members and friends who are promoters of the LeVel product Thrive? And one of them gave my wife and I the starter packets/patches. I must say that I have always been one to nap in the afternoon, but that stopped when I started using. I did not shed a lot of pounds, but I felt good, and energized. And when I went in for a regular medical check up, my bp was increased to the point that I was prescribed meds for hypertension. My wife has always had hypotension, but the product even jacked hers up. One of our friends who started using b/c he asked us for a few days trial product, had the same side effect with dangerously elevated bp. Without any clinical testing, and FDA apporoval, I don't see how they can keep on going. So I give this product and manufacturer a big fat zero. And I would not recommend it what so ever.

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25th November 2016 by Johanna

Hi Tim! I am so sorry you and your wife seemed to have been negatively affected. The FDA does not approve any supplements or herbal products. I am a Promoter, however, I believe in being transparent, honest and realistic! If I were your family member who gave your wife Thrive, I would have told her to print off the ingredients, and take it to her physician. By here already having low blood pressure, which is her norm, the product does contain caffeine which could negatively affect her bp. Although Thrive is a natural and safe product, everyone may not be suitable for use. Just the same as one will respond differently from one antibiotic to another. Our bodies are not the same and while there are thousands who do well on Thrive, there may be people like your wife that may not be suitable to the products.

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