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Works for us'
13th October by Roseon Thrive Patch

My husband started using Thrive and after 2 weeks of watching how good he felt I decided to try it for myself. This has been the best thing we have done for ourselves in a long time. I am surprised so many people are against it. No one is making you try this product and if those of us that have tried and like it, want to continue why does anyone care?
I know people using diet pills and Shakology, and so many other things that for some reason are thought of as better because you can get them at your pharmacy. I am a promoter and that's what I like to do, I share with people that ask. I don't try to convince people they need it. Yes, I get my product for free because 2 of my friends joined me. That just makes me smart.
I'm going to continue to Thrive everyday and you do what you do. Live and let live

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