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Not so "Thriving"'
10th October by Roberton Thrive Patch

Both my wife and tried the Thrive products after seeing a friend rave on social media about it... we did the complete package with the vitamins, shakes and patches. I'm using the "Black Label" for bigger guys. We noticed a little energy difference but nothing more then a good cup of coffee would do. Neither of us lost weight or even saw a physical improvement of any kind. My wife did say that her fingernails seemed to get stronger.

The initial startup was a bit frustrating as there really seems to be not much information given on the website, it looks as if they want you to read through the forums to get info. When I logged in to stop my shipments, I explained my reasoning and they simply replied with a "we've stopped shipments, would you like to cancel your account?"

Not really customer oriented and for the price I'm thinking we will find something that makes more of a difference with more support. They really don't seem to care if you're a customer or not!

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