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I won't be Thriving'
2nd October by Cindyon Thrive Patch

I was introduced toThrive by a friend of mine on Facebook . In the past year I could see her transformation . She was battling depression and depleted energy levels. (We're nurses) I was excited to try this, looking forward to see how it affected my mood, weight loss would be a bonus! First I, not a big coffee drinker/red bull drinker. Maybe for me two cans of diet coke a day. Day one I was battling a cold and decided to start. Day two I noticed the energy I had- when I shouldn't have any at all. Day three it was Monday at work.. maybe had three hrs of sleep. I had energy to push through my 8 hr day and then some. The bad... so nauseous, like half the day. I take prescriptions for other ailments. I just generally started feeling bad and my mouth was really dry. I didn't know if this was why you push the water, which I did. Still felt bad. took a break for three days. Took it today not only had the nausea, but I had an adverse reaction. In don't know from the patch, the pill or the shake. But all I know is I'm not going to continue to take something that makes me feel sick!

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