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I won't be Thriving'
2nd October by Cindyon Thrive Patch

I was introduced toThrive by a friend of mine on Facebook . In the past year I could see her transformation . She was battling depression and depleted energy levels. (We're nurses) I was excited to try this, looking forward to see how it affected my mood, weight loss would be a bonus! First I, not a big coffee drinker/red bull drinker. Maybe for me two cans of diet coke a day. Day one I was battling a cold and decided to start. Day two I noticed the energy I had- when I shouldn't have any at all. Day three it was Monday at work.. maybe had three hrs of sleep. I had energy to push through my 8 hr day and then some. The bad... so nauseous, like half the day. I take prescriptions for other ailments. I just generally started feeling bad and my mouth was really dry. I didn't know if this was why you push the water, which I did. Still felt bad. took a break for three days. Took it today not only had the nausea, but I had an adverse reaction. In don't know from the patch, the pill or the shake. But all I know is I'm not going to continue to take something that makes me feel sick!

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19th July 2017 by Renee

I too thought I would give the trial DUO pak a try. Day 1: I took 2 pills in the morning along with the drink mix and the patches. WHOA! NOT GOOD! Nausea, stomach cramps, headache. My appetite was curbed, however, the side effects were not worth it. Day two: I took it off. Day three: Today I am trying only the patches. From what I have read, they really have no effect on appetite controll. I've had them on for about an hour and am developing a headache.

25th July 2017 by Rhonda

I've been Thrivin' for 3 weeks. First week and half much more energy, less tired but have lost no weight. It seems to have plateaued though and the shakes started making me nauseated. I've stopped the shakes. I'm not sure if I will continue with this product after my month supply is gone.

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