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Wow for pain reduction!'
5th September by Marthaon Thrive Patch

My husband has a hip replacement, and still experiences pain regularly (not as bad as before surgery, but enough to discourage exercise). He put the patches on (four days at a time, not daily) and had relief in less than an hour! The effect was long-lasting, and his pain has not gone back up to its previous level and he only three patches in a sample pack. He is still moving around well, tho the last time he had a patch on was two weeks ago. He didn't try the 'whole package' with the supplements, only the patches. We are waiting for a full order, so that I may try them too.

Now, the reason I like the idea that they facilitate weight loss is this: increased mobility and energy make exercise easier. Mood enhancement and alertness can lead to a desire to get out more. Again, not having used the nutritional supplements, he can only attest to the pain changes, but they are significant. He recommends that anyone try them.

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