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3rd July by Patrickon Thrive Patch

Interesting reading the comments.I have many issues with this product including the marketing scheme that creates it own sales staff with free product and other goodies to try and hook friends an coleages on this expensive stuff which contains so many stimulants in it that it could qualify for speed.No wonder the quick benefit is energy.So are you hooked for life?Try quiting it after 6 months.The detox is BS and to further keep you on it to pay,pay,pay.The do not include quantities which is extremely important in this mix.Could be useless quantities of some ingredients. Try at your own risk to your health and pocketbook.

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10th July 2016 by kathy

I experienced headache, stiff neck, GI symptoms and tongue soreness I recognize so many of the symptoms others have experienced with this product. I would bet that most, if not all, of the "Good" reviews are from the "salespeople" who try to sell some DETOX theory to you when you decide this is not for you. If you decide to try this and feel like crap....stop it....listen to your body and ignore those silly Detox theories

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