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3rd May by Nikkion Thrive Patch

So first I feel bad being critical of a business peers are in, but I have experienced many side effects of this product. I searched and searched to see if I could figure out how much caffeine is in it because I am caffeine sensitive. I was initially told it isn\'t a caffeine heavy product or stimulant it is \"all natural\" etc. When I initially did the trial I had been drinking coffee everyday prior. Since I was told I would have to give it up for the product, I did for one week prior to starting the 30-day. This time it was full doses 2 pills and a full shake and the patch.

However Day 1, I skipped the shake because I had a brunch and wasn\'t working out so didn\'t think I needed the extra calories. Then on my way I got violent nausea so bad in the car I had to pull over and was an hour late for an event trying to recover. I chalked it up to it being like taking vitamins without food as I was on the way to a brunch and hadn\'t ate yet but it told me to take on an empty stomach. I ate at brunch but the feeling didn\'t go away for hours. That night I was up until 3am not able to sleep and random spots of my skin got itchy, so I removed the patch in case it was the caffeine still being released. And fell asleep within 90 minutes. Day 2 I was told I need to take the shake with the patch and 20 minutes after the pills then eat something, not use as a meal replacement. So I did exactly that. I ate small meals/snacks throughout the day and drank lots of water. I had a lingering nausea but did not get sick, yet it kept me from working out. I had an off and on dull headache and aching around my eyes and could feel my heart racing at rest or just walking and occasional heart burn. I also noticed I was grinding my teeth a lot of the day and my focus was scattered, hyper focused then distracted in every direction. Then finally sleep loss. I realized what it was doing to my head and body was familiar and I experienced the same with caffeine/stimulant over dose when I once took ADHD meds, slimquick or tried zantrex, or if I have too much coffee or energy drinks.

I should add, I\'m a 30 yr old otherwise pretty healthy woman and I do not take adhd meds currently. A couple years ago I had a minor stroke or sorts and was hospitalized because I took a few fat burner slimquick (by accident thought it was my detox ones), had a small cup of coffee and later my low dose Adderall. Because I could feel myself not far from how I felt then, I searched all over the internet to figure out how much caffeine I consumed. I could not figure out it in measurement but I finally noticed the labels of the three products and there many types of caffeine in each.

I realized this company essentially has taken the concepts of frowned upon Zantrex and others with high caffeine concentrates under one label in one bottle and has broken it into three products and multiple types of caffeine in \"natural\" sources (genius marketing trickery! A higher cost system and more subtle dispersed stimulant amounts) in the \"proprietary blend\" (Guarana, Green Tea, Black Tea, Green Coffee, White Tea, cocoa). Further the pill packets contain 2 pills and we are told to take 2 a day but the label/serving size is for one. Caffeine dominates the blend list if you take all of it you have taken 1054 mg in the pills, 1595 in the shake, and an undisclosed amount in the patch.

Promoters don\'t mean any harm they are explaining the side effects and products the way they are told and it is an income source. But please promoters be careful about downplaying the amount of caffeine and claiming these reactions to the caffeine is the effects of the detox. That\'s not true, I have done natural detox. If the body is not used to the stimulants and it is sensitive to them, that happens. The body increases the tolerance to caffeine with frequency so these symptoms should lessen for most. It doesn\'t make it healthy to be getting your body used to stimulants. Your body is then in effect masking the side effects/warning signs of what it is doing to your\'s like pressing snooze on your alarm so much that it\'s no longer effective at getting the desired response of getting up right away.

IF you have someone who is sensitive and who asks about the caffeine level it is very important. People have different levels of sensitivity to caffeine and this can actually get unsafe for some. Beyond being sensitive to caffeine, I was born with a heart condition. Because stimulant companies try to avoid fda approval and full disclosure of measurements it is easiest for them to say \"consult a doctor\" or discontinue use if problems persist\" and \"it\'s not for everybody\".

Bottom line, there is most definitely an \"unnatural\" amount of caffeine in these products. Many chose to consume high amounts regularly even without these products, so for many they won\'t be concerned. But those with sensitivities, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc need to not underestimate the potential effect of the full doses/combination. I recommend to promoters when people ask about the caffeine out of concern, don\'t subdue concerns but instead suggest they use less product at least initially. Tomorrow for Day 3 I will give it a shot with one pill and half a shake and with the patch. However I am fairly confident that this has to be a short-term thing for me and it would not be in my best interest for my health to consider as a long-term routine.

Note: I removed the patch at 1am after laying awake 4 hours and as I finish writing this it is now 2:30am and I am only now starting to be tired and ready to try again.

**Be real and be careful! Promoters...try to find out how much caffeine in the combo you are recommending to do not want to be behind why your trusting friend went to the hospital. And users...listen to your body don\'t excuse the symptoms or try to push through them or get used to them if sensitive or if you have concerning conditions. I\'m willing to bet that if 9/10 people brought the combo of product labels to their primary doctor they would be told their concerns.

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20th August 2017 by Terri

To Nikki- question: if you are "supposedly" sensitive to caffeine then why did you drink coffee everyday? Doesn't make sense.

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