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Negative side effects are worse than the positives'
23rd April by Maryon Thrive Patch

I ended up purchasing Thrive from a promoter at my child's arts and crafts bazaar a few weeks ago, and she also gave me a four-day trial to get started. Day one: I felt great! I was encouraged to stop drinking caffeine (which I needed to do anyway) and up the water intake. That should be a no-brainer, an obvious for any health regimen. I noticed I craved only water and the thought of caffeine made me a little sick; I also lost my craving for junk food immediately. I noticed an increase in my energy levels and also noticed I was falling asleep naturally at night; my body was recognizing when to sleep and I've had insomnia for almost 20 years. I have followed the program religiously for two weeks, but in the last four days this is what I notice now: bloating; cramping in my stomach and lower left side of my abdomen; nausea; rampant diarrhea; a sluggish feeling at about 2-3 pm each day; and a general feeling like I'm in hell.

I've been doing this every day: pills with water, patch, shake and lots of water throughout the day balanced with sensible meals. At first, like in the first week, I would have given this stuff five stars without blinking an eye. Now, however, I want to throw up at the very mention of it. I'm sure it might work for some, I'm not going to discredit that fact. But I was already leery of the program knowing it was an MLM (which I've always steered clear of like it was on fire) and not really knowing the ingredients has made me feel terrible. I feel much worse than when I started before, and will be returning the unused portion for a refund.

For me, this was a confirmation of "if it's too good to be true, it probably is." Even if I were to continue taking this and love it to the moon and back, I would never become a promoter so that wasn't an option I would've considered. And "detox," Le-Vel's favorite buzz word, shouldn't make you feel like this. You're not getting off meth, you're ridding your body of unhealthy things and shouldn't feel like you'd rather commit seppuku than continue down this path. I'm sorry, but this is certainly not for me.

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