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Be careful'
14th April by Kim Smithon Thrive Patch

I don't usually comment of things of this nature but felt I needed to. I tried thrive after a family member raved about how it was working for her. The first day felt a little jitter
feeling and a headache but none of the things she described and the second day was much the same and was not going to continue but was told maybe needed to keep trying it that some people took longer to get the benefits of thrive. So I decided to try one more day because that was all I had left anyway. Boy that was a mistake I felt jittery anxious light headed itchy and ended up passing out at work ended up having a ambulance ride to hospital and a night stay in hospital. My heart was having a extra beat and m blood sugar was off and pulse was low. After lots of test and a night in the hospital was told not to take again so please becareful taking this product

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