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8th April by Sbmom80on Thrive Patch

I haven't been taking this a week, yet.. (today was the 5th day).. I'm not a fan of the lifestyle mix. It makes me nauseous. I have started mixing it with Silk chocolate milk and could tolerate that better, then read you should only use water and no other ingredients.. Yuck. I was told to take the capsules first thing, then the lifestyle mix 20-40 mins later, add patch and take FORM at night. I'm not caffeine sensitive so I haven't gotten jittery and I still have a cup of coffee a day without problems. I do not.. Or rather have not.. Felt the awesome energy kick everyone speaks of. I was diagnosed with iron deficient anemia which I had to get an infusion for before starting Thrive and had pretty normal levels before starting..

Here's the problem, though.. I had been doing the Idealshape plan (two meal replacement shakes with IdealBurn supplements) and lost 5 pounds. Since I incorporated Thrive, iI gained 4, but have seemed to lost some inches. It's possible I measured wring to begin with since my scale said my BMI went up. I'm so confused. But I will give it a little longer and see what happens.

I currently take the Thrive women's capsules, then the shake and the DFT. Then at lunch have an IdealShake with IdealBurn supplement. Then squeeze the Form in my mouth before I go to bed. I'm going to give this way one more week before the routine gets tweaked of no changes come..

Am I doing the Thrive routine correctly? Should I take FORM in the morning??

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