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Bad Mojo'
10th March by Marti karolon Thrive Patch

First of all, they won't give you the entire ingredient list. Why would any sane person put something in or on their body not knowing what's in it. One of the ingredients is a form of speed, just like dexitrim. It's a pyramid scheme ppl, pure and simple. You feel better because you want to feel better like ppl taking placebos. Get on as sensible diet, drink water, exercise and take melatonin if you can't sleep. Get off the quick fix wagon!

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6th April 2016 by Kelly oxford

I've been thriving for a week and love it, but I've been itching some for the past 2 days. Has anyone else had any reactions like this to Thrive.

9th April 2016 by Ashley

Sometimes companies do not list all ingredients so that other companies can't copy their product. Still not a great business practice though. It makes people wonder if the ingredients that aren't listed are ingredients that would prevent them from trying the product, and for the people who are currently on it would potentially stop using it.

3rd September 2016 by Dawn

I agree about the placebo effect. It's sad that we need to spend a bunch of money to make it feel like taking care of ourselves is finally worth it! But you can get product pdfs from a thrive promoter with a full list of ingredients and nutritional info, just not straight from the website, just fyi. :)

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