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What works for you and not for others'
21st February by Carrieon Thrive Patch

This post is to reply to Marina: the three part step process are the following:

1st Step: Take Thrive vitamins (right after you awake, before getting up)
2nd Step: Put on the patch, then do whatever you usually do. After 20 minutes, proceed to third step
3rd Step: Drink the Thrive shake mix.

That's it. I'm not a promoter, just a customer. I've been taking Thrive for over a year and have not looked back to my handful of vitamins I bought from the grocery store. This is not a weight loss promoter- it's a lifestyle way of taking Thrive vitamins that have the best quality of ingredients I trust that gives me the energy and nutrition I needed daily. I've been experiencing the results I expected from Thrive even wearing the patch as an extra boost throughout the day. I realize that this is not for everyone i.e. patch or shake mix or certain ingredients one may have strong reactions to. We all are responsible to research what's in the products, what they are specifically for before taking anything. We cannot expect others to do the researching for us and trust that each product is safe without researching ourselves. As the saying goes, what works for others may not work for you. You have to tweak to see what works for you.

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