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Severe Rash After 7 Weeks of Using Thrive'
21st February by Elizabeth Parsonson Thrive Patch

I found that the shake and pills did reduce my appetite but I felt shaky at times. Upon week 8 of using the product line, I broke out in a severely painful rash and had trouble sleeping because of it. I immediately stopped using the product. The company will tell one that a rash is a "detox" but I disagree. A detox should not produce pain with severe stinging and throbbing pain. I have never experienced pain like this with a skin rash. After a week of being off of the products, the pain began to subside, after 2 weeks the rash began to disappear.

I do not trust the product now and will not try it again.

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2nd August 2016 by Janet

Sounds to me like you had "shingles"And it takes that long for shingles to go away. I know because I had them a few years ago. It may have had nothing to do with Thrive.

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