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The only supplement I've used which actually works'
7th September by Yenon Gravitate Nutrition

I don\'t normally write reviews but I\'m so happy I wanted to share my experience. I\'ve tried just about every diet supplement available (well at least it feels like that). I\'ve discovered the hard way that most diet supplements are just packed with stimulants like caffeine (they don\'t always say \'caffeine\' on the label but they contain ingredients which include high levels of caffeine). High levels of caffeine gives you horrible side effects such as trouble sleeping, jitteriness, anxiety. Despite these side effects, I\'ve found they make very little if any difference to my weight loss.

I wasn\'t taking any chances this time so I showed the Gravitate ingredient list to my doctor to see what he thought and somewhat surprisingly he said the ingredients looked very good with some positive clinical studies and to give it ago.

I\'ve been taking gravitate for 4 weeks now and I am in love with the product. It\'s really easy to take and really does work very well! You take it before meals and the natural ingredients stop hunger. It\'s amazing I\'m eating half the sizes of portion I normally would and feeling full and satisfied. As a result I\'ve been losing 3lbs per weeks and it\'s almost enjoyable without the usual hunger pains from dieting :)

I\'ve also noticed I\'m feeling a lot healthier and happier in myself. Also my hair and nails are looking much better.

I really don\'t know why other diet supplements are packed with stimulants and in some cases unhealthy unnatural ingredients. I\'ve had no side-effects with gravitate and it\'s totally natural yet it\'s by far the most effective diet supplement I\'ve ever used.

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