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product DOESN'T work'
8th August by ReplayMatton Garcinia Diet Max

I decided to purchase two bottles of this product just over a month ago. I’ve been following all of the instructions very carefully but I haven’t seen any results yet. I would say I’m very health conscious and stay away from junk food and the like. I especially don’t eat fast food, such as Taco Bell, Burger King or McDonalds. I also don’t drink sugary drinks or fizzy pop – pretty much everything I drink is water, though I have the odd glass of wine every couple of weeks or so. I started taking these pills at exactly the right time as I’d just hurt the lower part of my back and couldn’t do the workouts I would usually do. I thought it would be worth it trying this product to see if it would work and help e to lose some of the fat around my belly. So far I haven’t lost a pound. I still eat healthily – mainly chicken with fish and plenty of vegetables. As for the belly fat, I haven’t lost any of that even though I’ve been doing P90X workouts for the past 4 years – I can submit photos of my weight loss with the P90X program if you want.
Maybe this is taking longer to work because of my age? I am 52, but really it shouldn’t take this long to work. I’m going to keep on taking it to see if it does start working.

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