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9th June by Danon Garcinia Diet Max

I got this offer for a free sample. I ordered it and was then asked to pay $4.95 shipping. I used my card and paid that. I got my sample in a fews days. 13 days after I placed the order my bank account was hit for almost $80. The charge set off my fraud alert and I called my bank and declined the payment. I then called the customer support number for Diet Max ( 1-855-205-2446 ) and told them at no time did I agree to recurring payments or any payment beyond the shipping. She put me on hold and returned to say she could authorize a 30% discount on the bottle and since I declined the payment I woudl not get any further. I told her to put me on hold again and come back with a 100% discount and an address where I could sent the bottle back. She did and said I would get a full credit. I told her that she would not get any money out of me and if necessary I would close my account to make that happen. She affirmed I would be credited and gave me a confirmation number. I will watch my account to be sure they dont sneak back in.

Their office address is:
3214 N. University way
Provo Utah, 84604
My best advice is to avoid them like the plague. If they got your card number cancel immediately. If its beyond the 14 day trial, call them and be very firm. Last result is to close your account.

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