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Scam and Doesnt work'
9th February by Heatheron Garcinia Diet Max

This is a scam because the company never alerts you of two very important things – when the trial period will end and the cost of the product after the trial period. Perhaps the details are hidden in the very, very tiny and hard to access/read terms and conditions, but I believe they rely on their automatic charges rather than the effectiveness of the product. I received the product in the mail and called the day after the “trial”period (the 15th day) to cancel and was informed i called too late to reverse the charges. Had I known they were charging 160 dollars, I would have had ZERO interest in ever trying the “product” – not even if it made me 20 years younger, 5’8″ and blonde! I’m so p*ssed off. It was never clear to me that the trial period was as short as 14 days.

But, in fact, the product did nothing and I suspect it is nothing more than ground up oregano leaves. Actually, I hope its something safe and not a toxic ingredient.

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