Garcinia Diet Max

Last updated February 4th 2016

Garcinia Diet Max is a diet pill that claims to help to reduce weight by improving the ability of the body to burn fat. Evidence in support of this claim is however lacking and the product is sold using an auto-billing scam.

Garcinia Diet Max Pros

  • Some preliminary studies have been undertaken on the key ingredient
  • Not associated with any severe side effects
  • Should be easy to take

Garcinia Diet Max Cons

  • Customer reviews suggest that the company takes large amounts of money from your bank account every month when you sign up for a cheap trial of the product
  • Lack of information on the product and the company
  • After entering your details, you are taken to a new web page, which tries to sell you a different product
The website of this product claims that the supplement will help you to lose weight in a number of different ways; it is implied that the product works as a fat burner, metabolism booster, appetite suppressant, fat binder and gives you more energy.

The exact ingredients are not revealed on the website, which states that it contains: antioxidants, ‘some vitamins’, minerals and Garcinia cambogia and HCA extract (which is present in Garcinia cambogia).

A cheap trial appears to be available from their website, but it appears that once a customer has applied for this trial, they will be charged significant amounts of money from their bank account every month thereafter.

Garcinia Diet Max Review

In this review of Garcinia Diet Max, we will look at how Garcinia Diet Max works, its ingredients and clinical studies. We will also examine the possible side-effects of taking Garcinia Diet Max. This review should help you decide if Garcinia Diet Max is the best product for you.

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How Many of The 5 Key Areas of Weight Loss Does Garcinia Diet Max Cover?

The official website does not state exactly how Garcinia Diet Max is supposed to work, stating just that it works in a wide variety of ways. Mentioned on the website are fat burning, fat binding, appetite suppressing, metabolism boosting and stimulating effects; the sparse ingredients list does not suggest that it will work in all of these ways. The website claims that the product will help you to lose weight within one or two months; this is very unlikely to be the case. From the ingredients list provided, it seems that Garcinia cambogia is the only component that could aid with weight loss, and this has not been definitively proven in scientific studies.

Garcinia Diet Max Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia appears to be the main ingredient in this weight loss supplement, although it is not stated how much of any of the ingredients is present in the product. This ingredient comes from the fruit Garcinia gummi-gutta, which is native to Indonesia and resembles a small, green pumpkin. It has received a lot of attention in the past due to its apparent benefits in weight loss, however, there is not much scientific evidence to support this claim. Those clinical studies that have been undertaken do not generally provide proof that the substance aids weight loss when compared with a placebo.


The official website of the product says that it contains antioxidants, but goes in to no further detail than this. It is therefore not known which antioxidants are present, or how they are supposed to work to aid weight loss. Antioxidants in general are believed to play a number of roles in the human body related to good health and disease prevention. Some believe that they will aid with weight loss, although this link has not been proven. Your body does produce some antioxidants and others can be consumed in common foods, such as vegetables. Although they are not likely to help with weight loss, antioxidants should not cause you any harm, and may benefit your health in general.

‘Some vitamins’

The Garcinia Diet Max website states that the product contains ‘some vitamins’. Again, it goes in to no further detail as to what vitamins can be found in the product, or how much is present in each capsule. This lack of information is extremely unhelpful. It is safe to say however, that vitamins are unlikely to help people to lose weight. As with antioxidants, they may be beneficial to your general health, but hold no claim to aiding any method of weight loss.


As with the other ingredients in this product, the Garcinia Diet Max website does not state which minerals are present in the product, just putting in the very short ingredients list ‘minerals’. Generally speaking, minerals help the body in a number of ways: they help with maintaining strong bones and teeth, controlling the concentrations of fluid within the body and the process of metabolism. Minerals can be consumed in a wide variety of common foods, including meat, cereals, dairy foods and vegetables, to name a few. Most minerals do not claim to help weight loss. The only one that has been suggested to help weight loss is chromium, but whether or not this is present in Garcinia Diet Max is not known.

How Garcinia Diet Max Works

Fat Burning / Binding

The Garcinia Diet Max website does not state exactly how the product is supposed to work, stating just that it works in a wide variety of ways. The only one of these that is likely, according to the ingredients listed on their website, is fat burning. Although it has not been definitively proved by clinical trials, Garcinia cambogia is thought to work as a fat binder, preventing the uptake of fat molecules by the body.

The compound is an indigestible fibre, which is thought to attach to fat molecules, making them too large to pass through the membrane of the small intestine, so they do not get absorbed by the body. The scientific evidence that Garcinia cambogia works well as a fat binder to aid weight loss in humans is limited and controversial. All of the ingredients that are listed on the official website, other than Garcinia cambogia, hold no claim to helping people lose weight.

Fat Burning / Binding Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia Small

Garcinia Diet Max Clinical Studies

No clinical studies have been referred to on the official website of the product, and there does not appear to be any evidence for Garcinia Diet Max as a product to aid weight loss. The main ingredient, Garcinia cambogia, has however been the subject of several clinical studies. Scientific research has been undertaken on the impact of the substance on weight loss in rats, mice and humans, but the results are largely contradictory and inconclusive. Not enough well-controlled studies have been undertaken on humans with large sample sizes to come to a stable conclusion on its efficacy.

A clinical study involves the use of a series of experiments designed to analyse the efficacy and safety of a given product. The studies will be undertaken in a scientific manner, under controlled conditions. Clinical studies usually involve the product being tested on healthy, human subjects in order to determine accurately how the product impacts the human body.

Clinical Studies on Garcinia Cambogia

This study is one of few that have been done on human subjects. Here, they used double blind, randomised methods to determine the efficacy of Garcinia cambogia extract when taken with Amorphophallus konjac in the treatment of obesity. 58 obese subjects were allocated to either the placebo group or treatment group; dietary restrictions were not imposed on either of the groups. Those in the treatment group were given daily doses of Garcinia cambogia (2.4g) and A. konjac (1.5g) three times a day before their main meals. The study was done over a 12 week period. The results showed only that the substance led to a significant reduction in the cholesterol levels of the treatment group. It is not known whether this effect would be achieved with just the consumption of Garcinia cambogia.

study by Heymsfield and colleagues in 1998 studied the impact of Garcinia cambogia on the body weight and fat loss of overweight male and female human subjects. Results were achieved using a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial that lasted for 12 weeks. 135 subjects took part in the study; they were allocated to groups randomly. Individuals in one group received a compound that contained 1500mg hydroxycitric acid to consume each day, and the others were given a placebo each day. Both groups were fed a high fibre, low energy diet. No significant difference was found in the amount of body fat mass lost between the treatment and control groups. It was thus concluded that Garcinia cambogia did not produce any significant weight loss and fat mass loss when compared to the placebo group.

Another experiment was undertaken on rats in 2010. The rats were split into three groups; individuals in the first group were given no Garcinia cambogia, the second group were given 200mg/kg body weight and the third group 400mg/kg body weight. The results showed that the rats taking Garcinia cambogia lost more weight than the control group. It was therefore concluded that the ingredient can have important effects on weight loss.

A study was also done on rat subjects. The authors measured the impact of a number of different flavenoids on lipid lowering activity in rats. The lipid lowering activity was found to be greatest in rats consuming flavenoids from Garcinia cambogia (10mg/ kg body weight per day). Interestingly, they found that higher doses were less effective than 10mg/kg body weight.

study by Saito et al. (2005) investigated the use of Garcinia cambogia for stopping fat accumulation in developing male, obese Zucker rats. The six week old rats were given diets with different amounts of hydroxycitric acid (a main component of Garcinia cambogia), at 0, 10, 51, 102 or 154 mmol/ kg diet for 92 or 93 days. The highest dose (154 mmol hydroxycitric acid/kg diet) showed the suppression of fat accumulation when compared with the other groups. On the other hand, those rats being fed doses above 102 mmol/kg diet suffered from testicular atrophy and toxicity. These results imply that the ingredient may aid weight loss, but highlight the need for further research in to the possible side effects.

Clinical Studies on Chromium

It is not known whether or not chromium is present in this study, but it is the most common mineral to be associated with weight loss.

This study is a very comprehensive meta-analysis of clinical studies on the efficacy of chromium as a weight loss supplement. Pittler et al. reviewed all available randomised, double blind, placebo controlled studies on the topic prior to writing in 2003. They pooled the results and performed statistical tests on them. Their results indicated that there was a significant effect of chromium on reducing body weight, but this effect is mainly dependent on the results of one particular trial, which recorded an unusually large mean difference. It is concluded that chromium has a relatively small impact on reducing body weight when compared to placebo. They warn that the effect is not definitive, and so should be interpreted with caution.

Another paper provides a review of the potential use of chromium in weight loss. It is stated that the effects of chromium are controversial, but generally supported by studies on animals. It is also mentioned that there are no known negative effects of chromium that have been found in nutritional studies. The conclusion is reached that although chromium may have an impact on weight loss; this effect will be small when compared to the benefits of regular exercise and a well balanced diet.

Clinical Studies on Antioxidants

Although not directly studying the effect of antioxidants on weight loss, this study does indirectly provide some results to this effect. Nineteen subjects were used, all of whom were overweight. These subjects were randomly assigned to either a group taking an antioxidant supplement (vitamin C and vitamin E), or a group taking a placebo. Both groups were given a high fat, low carbohydrate diet for seven days. The diet resulted in significant weight loss in both groups, but there was no significant difference in the amount of weight lost between the two groups.

As with the study above, this study was not performed to directly test the impact of antioxidants in weight loss, but also indirectly does provide some results to this effect. The aim was rather to observe the difference between two hypocaloric diets containing different amounts of fruit in aiding antioxidant biomarkers in obese women. For the study, fifteen obese women were used. The subjects were assigned to one of two dietary treatments (either a hypocaloric diet containing 5% or one containing 15% energy from the fructose of fruits) for eight weeks. The results showed that there was no significant difference in the amount of weight loss between the two diets, but the higher percentage fruit diet seems to have been better at acting against oxidative stress, and so could reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems that are associated with obesity.

Garcinia Diet Max Side Effects

The official website implies that there are no side effects of taking Garcinia Diet Max, but ‘if you have any doubts’ then you should contact your doctor. They do not state any adverse effects that may be experienced. As with all supplements, there are undoubtedly possible side effects. It may cause mild health issues such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and diarrhoea. Individuals who are pregnant or lactating, or suffer with diabetes or dementia should not take this supplement. It has also been implied that Garcinia camobogia extract could cause liver toxicity and ‘rhabdomyolysis’ (the breakdown of muscular tissue) as well as kidney damage. These effects are not likely to occur, but have been reported in the past.

Side Effects associated with Garcinia Cambogia

The product website states that side effects are rare, however, some minor effects have been reported for its main ingredient, Garcinia cambogia. These include nausea, digestive tract discomfort and headaches. At present, it is not known if there may be side effects from consuming this ingredient regularly for a long period of time (months or years). It is recommended that you consult a doctor immediately if any adverse side effects are experienced, especially as not a lot is known about the safety of this ingredient.

Side Effects associated with Minerals

The ingredients list does not show exactly which minerals are present in the product, or how much of each is present in each capsule. Be sure to check the exact ingredients on the product once it arrives. Minerals, generally speaking, are safe for consumption, but it is possible to overdose. Too much can also cause headaches, stomach upset and a strange taste in the mouth in some people. Reported side effects of chromium, for example, appear to be rare and only minor; these may include headaches, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation and mood changes. Some medications may also interact with chromium, so if you are on regular medication then it would be best to check with your doctor before consuming large amounts of chromium. It has been recommended that you should not consume excess chromium if you have any known problems with your kidneys or liver; if you suffer with either of these then consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

Too much calcium can also cause side effects such as constipation, stomach pain, nausea, flatulence and diarrhoea. Consuming too much potassium can lead to an overdose, signs of this include an irregular heartbeat, reduced blood pressure, muscle weakness, tingling in the limbs, confusion and even coma. If any of these side effects are experienced then medical attention should be sought immediately. Potassium should also not be consumed in large quantities if you are taking any medication for diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Side Effects associated with Vitamins

As with minerals, vitamins are generally safe, however, the Garcinia Diet Max website does not disclose which vitamins are present in the product, or how much of each vitamin is found in each capsule. Check the exact quantities of the vitamins on the bottle and do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is possible to overdose on a number of vitamins; of particular concern would be vitamins A, D, E and K, which can lead to serious side effects if taken in large doses. Symptoms of a vitamin overdose could include stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, loss of hair, tingling in the mouth, muscle and back pain and headaches, amongst others. Consult your doctor immediately if any of these side effects are experienced.

How To Use Garcinia Diet Max

There are no instructions regarding how to use Garcinia Diet Max on their official website. It is stated that the product is not made for people under the age of 18, and should not be used if you are taking any prescribed medications. It is also warned that women who are breast feeding or pregnant should not consume the product. It is stated that the supplement will help some people to lose weight very quickly, whilst it may take longer for others. This is dependent upon your lifestyle – of course, if you eat healthily and undertake regular exercise, then you are more likely to see results quickly. The website suggests that you may start to see a reduction in body weight after taking the supplement for one or two months.

The product should not be taken by those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18, or taking prescription medications. Consult a doctor before taking the product if you have muscle weakness or problems associated with the urinary tract.

Who Makes Garcinia Diet Max

It is not possible to find anywhere on their website exactly who manufactures Garcinia Diet Max. The website and brand reveal extremely little about the product itself and who makes it. Neither the website nor the brand appears to have a long history or good reputation. The website stocks and sells only this one product (Garcinia Diet Max). It is not even mentioned in which country the product is made, and there are no contact details provided for the company. The ‘Contact Us’ section of the company website consists of an online form, giving you the option to write them a message and enter your email address on the premise that they will reply via email. No direct email address, phone number or postal address is provided.

All that is mentioned on the website is that the product was made ‘under expert supervision of some renowned dietitians and health experts’, and that it is apparently consumed by people throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Those who make and/or sell Garcinia Diet Max do not seem to have done any primary scientific research, and despite constantly mentioning how it supposedly works to reduce weight, there is no mention of any scientific papers anywhere on the website.

Where To Buy Garcinia Diet Max

It appears that the only place that you can officially buy Garcinia Diet Max is through their website, and even then, you are taken to another website, which sells a product that is not the same as the Garcinia Diet Max product. This is called ‘Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract’. There is no way of seeing the price before entering your personal details, and once you have signed up to a hugely discounted trial, which costs just £1.99, an additional charge of around £85 will be taken out of your bank account after you have finished the trial and every month thereafter. If you do not opt out of this within a certain amount of time, then you will not be able to get this money back. Details can be found in the terms and conditions section of the website that you are transferred to. The product is also sold unofficially, at varying prices, on eBay.

Overall Verdict

The official website for Garcinia Diet Max is unprofessional, with a number or grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, the amount of information provided about the product itself is sparse. A full list of ingredients is not provided, no clinical studies are referred to, and there is no way of telling whether or not the product is safe. A number of claims are made about the ways in which the product supposedly works, but there is no evidence that the majority of these will have any effect at all, based on the ingredients list. It is also not mentioned who makes the product, and there are no direct contact details for the company. Although the offer of a cheap trial of the product may seem tempting, once the company have got your details it is likely that they will charge you a large amount of money every month.

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Gravitate Nutrition

Gravitate Nutrition uses multiple clinically proven ingredients to successfully target all 5 areas of weight loss. Gravitate's clean and natural formula ensures the product is safe and side-effect-free.

  • Contains multiple clinically-proven, natural ingredients
  • No side-effects
  • Comes with 35-day money-back-guarantee

Customer Reviews Of Garcinia Diet Max

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Garcinia Diet Max SKU UPC Model
Horrible company'
25th December by Sandraon Garcinia Diet Max

I called this company today to get a refund for the $93.99 that they changed to my card. They wouldn't give me any of my money back. All they did was cancel my account so I wouldn't be charged anymore. Worst company that I have ever delt with. Please don't order from them.

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Free sample of Garcinia'
9th June by Danon Garcinia Diet Max

I got this offer for a free sample. I ordered it and was then asked to pay $4.95 shipping. I used my card and paid that. I got my sample in a fews days. 13 days after I placed the order my bank account was hit for almost $80. The charge set off my fraud alert and I called my bank and declined the payment. I then called the customer support number for Diet Max ( 1-855-205-2446 ) and told them at no time did I agree to recurring payments or any payment beyond the shipping. She put me on hold and returned to say she could authorize a 30% discount on the bottle and since I declined the payment I woudl not get any further. I told her to put me on hold again and come back with a 100% discount and an address where I could sent the bottle back. She did and said I would get a full credit. I told her that she would not get any money out of me and if necessary I would close my account to make that happen. She affirmed I would be credited and gave me a confirmation number. I will watch my account to be sure they dont sneak back in.

Their office address is:
3214 N. University way
Provo Utah, 84604
My best advice is to avoid them like the plague. If they got your card number cancel immediately. If its beyond the 14 day trial, call them and be very firm. Last result is to close your account.

Comment |
Was this review helpful for you?
27th August by J. Robinsonon Garcinia Diet Max

The product didn't arrive for 10 days. It was ordered on the 12th, arrived on 22nd and my card was charged $59.99 on 25th. There is no way to have reviewed it for 14 days when I only had it for 3!!
I wish I could give a negative rating.

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Scam and Doesnt work'
9th February by Heatheron Garcinia Diet Max

This is a scam because the company never alerts you of two very important things – when the trial period will end and the cost of the product after the trial period. Perhaps the details are hidden in the very, very tiny and hard to access/read terms and conditions, but I believe they rely on their automatic charges rather than the effectiveness of the product. I received the product in the mail and called the day after the “trial”period (the 15th day) to cancel and was informed i called too late to reverse the charges. Had I known they were charging 160 dollars, I would have had ZERO interest in ever trying the “product” – not even if it made me 20 years younger, 5’8″ and blonde! I’m so p*ssed off. It was never clear to me that the trial period was as short as 14 days.

But, in fact, the product did nothing and I suspect it is nothing more than ground up oregano leaves. Actually, I hope its something safe and not a toxic ingredient.

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product DOESN'T work'
8th August by ReplayMatton Garcinia Diet Max

I decided to purchase two bottles of this product just over a month ago. I’ve been following all of the instructions very carefully but I haven’t seen any results yet. I would say I’m very health conscious and stay away from junk food and the like. I especially don’t eat fast food, such as Taco Bell, Burger King or McDonalds. I also don’t drink sugary drinks or fizzy pop – pretty much everything I drink is water, though I have the odd glass of wine every couple of weeks or so. I started taking these pills at exactly the right time as I’d just hurt the lower part of my back and couldn’t do the workouts I would usually do. I thought it would be worth it trying this product to see if it would work and help e to lose some of the fat around my belly. So far I haven’t lost a pound. I still eat healthily – mainly chicken with fish and plenty of vegetables. As for the belly fat, I haven’t lost any of that even though I’ve been doing P90X workouts for the past 4 years – I can submit photos of my weight loss with the P90X program if you want.
Maybe this is taking longer to work because of my age? I am 52, but really it shouldn’t take this long to work. I’m going to keep on taking it to see if it does start working.

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this is a placebo at best'
7th August by Jean M. Adieon Garcinia Diet Max

Let me be serious and honest about this. This product was advertised as a metabolism booster that could help you lose weight. I have a sit-down job so I don’t have the chance to do as much exercise as I used to with my previous job. My metabolism is slowing down because of menopause, so that was another reason why I decided to give this a go. I haven’t got the time to be going to the gym every day so I thought this would be the ideal way for me to go about losing weight, or at least stop putting on weight and maintain a steady eight. At first I followed all the instructions and maintained my routine and lifestyle. Despite this, I continued to put on some weight. After increasing my exercise and still following the product’s instructions and watching what I ate more carefully, I put on even more weight. After about a month I’d put on 5lbs. I decided to go on a Weight Watchers program and after only two weeks I’ve lost 6lbs. I’m learning how to match healthy eating to my older body. I’ve abandoned my current lifestyle, as well as this product. To put it simply, if you haven’t got the time to exercise daily, just eat less food. If you do want to eat more, do more exercise to burn it all off. If, like me, your body is going through changes due to age, you should change your eating habits as well. There are so many weight loss programs out there that just don’t do anything. I advise you not to waste your money on this product – it’s practically like a placebo.

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16th December 2016 by Tamara

I am livid right now!! I got the trial for 4.95 the took over 60.00out if my account when I called I was told no refund as they tried to continue to sell my all the advantages of this product, I demanded a refund and was hung up on and hung up on 2more times after that. My fourth call I was told they could give me a 45% discount but then refused to do so because the bottle had been opened and then I was hung up on again!!! PLEASE DO NOT order this product!!!

0.0 0.0 Garcinia Diet Max