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I've lost 2lb per week'
13th August by Jane Hoytonon Skinny Medical

I've used a few diet pills in the past but never really had much look and some of them, such as XLS Medical gave me nasty side-effects. Despite being slightly disheartened with diet pills, I bought Skinny Medical because my friend recommended it to me after loosing a couple of stone for her wedding. I used Skinny Medical alongside my own healthy diet plan. I'd already been losing around 1lb per week which I was really happy with. Since I started taking Skinny Medical my weight loss has increased to around 2lb per week which I'm ecstatic about. I'm almost at my target weight so I will post another review in a few months to let you know if I've managed to keep the weight off.

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29th December 2014 by Kelly

Did u manage to continue with your weight loss?

7th January 2016 by Rosy parker

Overall I would say this is a good product. In the first few days of using skinny medical, I noticed a clear decrease of appetite. I used to be one of those people who craved food constantly, despite boundless efforts of dieting, and now I find it easy to control myself and say no. However, I did find problems in the evenings. As my job requires me to work into the night, the schedule at which it recommends caused some slight issues. I would take the daily dosages in the morning before breakfast and before lunch. But when I was up late I did experience some serious hunger pangs. So I adjusted the times at which I took them and there seemed to be no further issues. A real benefit I found is eating more healthy along side this medication has shown positive results. Another huge advantage is that it has seemed to completely stopped bloating, which used to make me appear more obese and lead to some really negative self confidence issues. So now I feel more happy with my body image. I would really recommend this to anyone who would like to lose weight.

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