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Love the packaging :)'
12th September by Jo A. B.on Skinny Medical

My Skinny Medical arrived today!!! So, I can't talk about weight loss results just yet but I'm keen to let you know my first impressions. I was very impressed that the website offered free delivery - I was not expecting that! So, I thought there must be a catch and delivery would be realllyyy slow. But no, after 3 days my product had arrived. It fit through the letter box so I didn't have to go outside and sign anything (there's nothing worse when you've just woken up and are still in your pyjamas). And also there's nothing worse then getting a 'something for you' card from Royal Mail because you overslept and didn't hear the doorbell! So, they ticked another box by making delivery really quick and simple. With the packaging I was also happy to see that there was no mention of the product being a diet pill on the front (I wouldn't really want to flaunt that if someone else had picked up the package). When I opened the package I was really thrilled with what I got - I absolutely love the box :D the image is really neat and different and I also like the shape of the box... it's funky! So yeah these are my impressions so far. So far, so good!

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