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Stay Away! Absolute Scam!'
15th August by Nil Amoron Simply Garcinia

Here is how the scam works:
1. A pop up window flashes in front of your computer. (In my case, I had just opened the Costco site and was naïve enough to think that the pop up window belonged to Costco.)
2. They make an offer of money (not product) for answering few questions in a survey.
3. You cannot click the X to get out of the pop-up window (this should be the first clue that it a trap). Your only option is to close the browser, which will be the smart thing to do. However, if you accept to answer the questions. They have few questions and then show you three products with fictitious prices ($200 or $300). They offer the product for you to try for free. They are either beauty creams or Lose weight products. They insinuate that you only pay the shipping. In the case of Simply Garcinia the shipping was $4.95. I chose it. Then you are presented with a page to give your information and your credit card. (I was still under the assumption that I was dealing with Costco, a trusted company).
4. When you make your choice, the shipping amount which was $4.95, appears as $5.95. I thought that it was because it was Canadian dollars. Yet, it was already part of the scam.
5. When you accept the deal, it takes some time to process, and then you receive an email that says at end: “If you decide to keep Simply Garcinia, we charge you $84.74 (25% off our regular retail price) at the end of your Trial period and you start on the auto-ship program to ensure you receive a new bottle of Simply Garcinia every 30 days at the same discounted rate of $84.74 so you can continue to look and feel your absolute best.”
6. In the same email they give you the option to call an 800 number. I called, a recorded voice give you the option to cancel your order. I cancelled. Immediately the recorded voice said that I could keep the order and that they were charging $38 to my account. Since you are dealing with a recorded voice, there no possibility to argue.
7. I went online and found their site At the bottom was a “Contact Us”. I click on it and found another phone number (1-800-635-2142). I called and was able to speak with a real person. It is a very poor phone connection. I explained the situation and asked to cancel. Then I informed the person that I had already contacted my credit card and that the bank was going to investigate the situation. He then informed me that the whole order was going to be cancelled. I had already checked the credit card online and both amounts ($5.95 shipping + $38) had already been debited to my account. After few minutes, I decided to check again and to my surprise, instead of cancelling, I found both amounts TWICE. I called again the gentlemen and explained. He said that it should be a credit, but a credit in the card comes with a negative sign before it, which was not the case. However, the next day, I went online again and all the four amounts had disappeared from my credit card.
8. If you fall in the trap, go after them and call your credit card immediately. They do not like to have a Credit Card dispute for fraudulent and unauthorized debit.
9. By the way, similar product in Amazon can be purchased for less than $30.

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