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free trial offer'
21st January by Torreson Simply Garcinia

#1) The scam starts with a trial offer for shipping costs only.
#2) Before you can receive this Free Trial Offer you must give them your debit/credit card information
#3) The seemingly legit offer is returnable for full refund (LIE !)
#4) I never even took any pills and the package security wrap was totally 100% as I received it
#5) The following month I got charged for the second bottle.........I had followed instructions and informed them that I did not care to continue
#6) Called customer service to clear up what I believed to be an honest error
this part was when the scam begins it's final steps
#7) " but Simply Garcinia has already shipped this unwanted product "
" yes we do record our phone calls for training purposes "
" sorry we are unable to ACTUALLY retrieve your original phone conversation " ME =huh?
#8) What we can do for you, sir, is charge you 1/2 our original price
just because security wrapping has been left untouched does not qualify as refundable product
THAT WAS A LEGITIMATE transaction on our part

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company's online FREE TRIAL OFFER

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