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pop up scam (actually not even one star in my opinion)'
20th November by daveon Simply Garcinia

After finishing my use of my banks website there was a pop up offering a free bottle of simply Garcia for the shipping cost. there were no terms or conditions and the price was low so I fell for the scam. I provided payment information for the one free bottle and on closing the popup they said since I was such a good customer of the credit union I could get a free bottle of simply green coffee beans for the shipping about 3 dollars again no terms or conditions. It was followed immediately by another company offering free sunglasses for the cost of shipping. As you can imagine when the items arrived I was curious and looked up the distributer located in Savannah GA for the simply products. I noticed that the distributer was looking for a system programmer for a Microsoft web platform that managed online fulfillment. seeing this I still gave the products a trial and just over a month later my credit union called to ask if I had authorized another 2 payments to simply. I said no and they declined the payments. I figured it was a programming error but the first of the next month they all billed my account without my approval. I immediately went to the credit union to close the card and file 3 disputes. The next few days will be interesting. Do not fall for the free anything even if there are no terms or conditions. In addition to the fraud I immediately had to use malware bytes to remove adware from my computer. so they are setting people up for bigger scams once you fall for the first scam.

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29th November 2014 by Hazel

I have been caught in this scam with Simply Garcinia, Simply Green Coffe and Pure Max Slim and a very costly unauthorised charges over the last three months -having returned items to sender. Also after many emails and support/customer service - recorded message - received no response - last try and send copy to their mailing address and see what happens but in the meantime have cancelled my account. What happened to the so called money back guarantee?

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