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Worked for me.....'
24th December by LAABon ChiroThin

This was the first program I actually had positive results with and easy to follow. While the product reduced my hunger, I'm always hungry, I also retrained my brain on how I was eating. As the weight melted off I felt successful for a change and more positive towards my lifestyle change. My other doctors were amazed I had so much energy and looked much healthier. I choose to do between 800-1000 calories per day and light exercise as you can be prone to injuries do to low calorie intake. Or I ate extra egg whites in the am to compensate for workouts.
My friend also on the program at under 200lbs didn't have the 30lb weight loss because her body composition was different. That being said our body compositions were measured weekly and her BMI dropped dramatically and she had gained muscle through exercise.
There is risks of losing weight to fast including gallstones. Speak to your doctor. If you've ever thought of radical weight loss surgery I would highly consider trying this option first.
Good luck no matter which journey you take :)

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