Best Fat Burning Diet Pills

Last updated January 29th 2015

Fat burning is a key area of weight loss that often comes hand in hand with fat burning. This article will inform you what fat burners are and recommend a few of the best fat burners on the market.

Fat burning is one of the four key ways in which weight loss is targeted. Fat burners have proved to be a very popular option for people wanting to lose weight due to their potential ability to increase the speed at which fat is broken down. Generally speaking, these products work by increasing the activity of the key enzymes involved in lipolysis – the process of fat being broken down. This means that once the fat molecules are absorbed by the body from the diet, they are broken down more quickly instead of being stored in the body. Fat burners often induce this increase in activity through a process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis involves prompting an increase in the internal body temperature, resulting in the metabolism being sped up, and fat broken down more quickly.

What Are Fat Burners?

The majority of fat burning products on the market work using the process of thermogenesis. When fat is consumed in the diet, the molecules are absorbed in to the body through the digestive system. Once absorbed, they undergo the process of lipolysis, during which the molecules are broken down and made in to substances that can be burnt for energy. Fat burning products usually work to increase the activity of the enzymes that break down the fat molecules, and this can be done by increasing the internal temperature of the body (the process of thermogenesis). A lot of these products contain stimulants which can cause nasty side effects, however stimulant-free fat burners are also available on the market.

Many products advertised as fat burners contain a range of ingredients that claim to target other areas of weight loss too. For example, some fat burners also act as appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters or carbohydrate blockers and some fat burners are designed to be taken in conjunction with a specialised diet plan.

Fat burners come in two forms, tablets and drops, and usually contain a range of plant extracts and stimulants among their active ingredients. There are a few particular ingredients that are very common to fat burners thanks to their efficacy and the results they can produce. Some of these very potent ingredients include green tea catechins, caffeine and capsaicin.

Even though some of the ingredients found in fat burners have been shown in some scientific studies to be effective, fat burners as whole products will only produce the best results if they are taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a more healthy diet.  It is generally believed that fat burners that have stimulants as part of their formula are more effective than fat burners without, but this is dependent on the other ingredients in the product, and the individual consuming them.

As discussed further below, there are quite a few side-effects associated with stimulants, so it is strongly advised that anyone who is sensitive to any sort of stimulants should avoid any fat burner or any diet pill for that matter that contains stimulants as part of their formula. People are also more likely to get addicted to stimulant-based diet pills than diet pills that do not contain stimulants. Another thing about fat burners that should be considered before trying any one of them is that your body can develop a tolerance to them over time. It is very common for people to think that increasing doses is a solution to the body’s tolerance. However, most fat burners contain a number of synthetic ingredients which should not be taken in doses greater than the one stated on the packet. Increasing your dose to combat your body’s resistance can lead to serious problems such as overdosing.

Why are Fat Burners so Popular?

Fat burning weight loss supplements appear to be very popular, and are always available on the shelves of supplement stores. There is no ‘magic pill’ that will help people to lose a significant amount of weight without them having to change any aspect of their lifestyle, however, the term ‘fat burner’ probably appeals to people for this reason. People may believe that these products will burn the fat for them, and they will be able to watch the fat disappear whilst continuing as they are. Unfortunately this simply is not the case; weight loss supplements are just that – they are supplements, not medications. Despite the strong claims and exaggerated success stories published on the product websites, these products are created for consumption alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, and will not have any impact on your weight without these changes.

Are Fat Burners Effective?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of products that claim to work as fat burners (particularly those available on independent websites that are not well known) are not backed up by any scientific evidence, and as such, are not necessarily going to have any effect on your weight loss regime. Some ingredients that are commonly found in fat burning supplements have however been shown in a number of clinical trials to have some potential as weight loss aids when consumed alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Green tea for example has been shown to have beneficial effects on weight loss in humans in a number of scientific studies, examples of which can be found here and here.  It must be mentioned however, that other studies have indicated that the substance made no significant difference to weight loss, for example, this one, that was performed on 100 obese subjects.

Garcinia cambogia has been the subject of a few studies on animals and humans, but the results of these have been contradictory. For example, a placebo-controlled study on rats (available here) indicated that the substance does appear to aid weight loss. Another undertaken on humans however, using randomised, double blind, placebo controlled methods, showed no significant difference in weight loss between a group taking Garcinia cambogia extract and those taking a placebo. Overall the evidence for its effectiveness is thus inconclusive.

Raspberry ketones are another ingredient that has been the subject of a lot of media attention. Scientific studies on this substance is however lacking, and positive results have only been obtained from studies performed on small mammals, such as this one. Unfortunately these results are not directly transferable to human subjects, and so more studies need to be performed to determine the effectiveness of the ingredient.

Other well known ingredients that are often purported to burn fat, such as bitter orange, have not been backed up by any scientific studies, despite claims made on numerous product websites that the products have been proven to work in this way. It is important that you research the ability of individual products to work as fat burners before purchasing them. Healthy Compare can be a very useful tool through which to do this – just enter the product name in to the search box on the site and a review of the product (including any scientific studies on its ingredients) will probably be available.

Do Fat Burners have any Side Effects?

Whether mentioned on the product websites or not, all weight loss supplement have some possible side effects associated with them, and fat burners are no exception to this. The exact side effects that may occur will vary depending on the product and its ingredients, however, some generalisations can be made. Due to the way that fat burners act inside the body, side effects relating to the gastro-intestinal tract are common. These may range from mild to severe and include problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, stomach cramps, gastro-intestinal discomfort, loose stools, nausea, flatulence, and vomiting.

Any substance that contains a stimulant, such as green tea or caffeine anhydrous, is likely to cause additional side effects such as inability to sleep, jitteriness, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, and dehydration. More serious effects of consuming large quantities of stimulants include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, heart palpitations, and irregular heartbeat. Other effects to look out for include those related to an allergic reaction, such as itchiness or rashes on the skin, or swelling of the mouth, throat, and face. Note that this is certainly not a comprehensive list of side effects for all fat burner products, it just lists some of the more common effects; the side effects of each individual product should be researched in depth before consumption.

Is there anybody who shouldn’t take Fat Burners?

Again, this depends on the specific ingredients within the product. Generally speaking, people who are pregnant, breast feeding, or under the age of eighteen should not take any weight loss supplements. Certain products can also interact with medications, and have severe effects for people with particular pre-existing medical conditions. It is recommended that a doctor is consulted before you consume any fat burning products if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Of particular concern are conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, a history of cardiovascular disease, irregular heartbeat, or glaucoma.

What are the Alternatives to Fat Burners?

Fat burners may appear to be the most common form of weight loss supplement; however, they are not the only type of diet pill available to help people lose weight. The weight loss products available on the market can be broadly placed in to four groups; these are: fat burners/ binders, metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, and products that come with a diet plan. Some products may target a number of these areas, whilst others may just focus on one.

Whilst fat burners target the breakdown of fat once it has already been absorbed by the body, fat binders prevent the absorption of the fat molecules in the first place. Once the fat has been consumed in the diet, it is absorbed in to the body through the lining of the small intestine. Fat binders are usually formed of insoluble fibres that work by binding to the fat molecules, forming a fat-fibre complex that is too large to fit through the small intestine lining. In consequence, the fat molecules should pass through the digestive system and be excreted with the fibre in the stool.

Carbohydrate blockers work in a similar way to fat binders. These substances tend to block the enzymes that break down carbohydrates, so the complexes remain in their full form, rather than being broken down in to smaller, more absorbable sugar molecules. In their complete form, carbohydrate molecules are too big to be absorbed by the body and so are excreted naturally in the stool. Metabolism boosters on the other hand work in a similar way to fat burners. These products tend to claim to work by increasing the activity of the cells in the body (often by thermogenesis), which means that the cells work faster and burn more energy (calories).

Products that purport to work as appetite suppressants generally work in very different ways to the other forms of weight loss supplement. Appetite suppressants usually target either the brain, or the stomach. Most commonly, ingredients in appetite suppressing products are thought to alter the concentrations of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are related to the appetite, such as serotonin. This results in the brain signalling that the body is not hungry, and so supposedly consumers should eat less. The other form of appetite suppressants supposedly work by expanding in the stomach, sometimes forming a gel, that makes the stomach feel full, but the substance is not actually absorbed in to the body, and instead will pass through the digestive tract and be excreted in the stool.

Which of these types of diet pills will be best for you is dependent on a number of factors. For example, how often you eat, how often you exercise, your health, and what changes you are willing to make to your lifestyle. Fat burners are generally peoples first choice, however, if you have already changed your diet to contain very little fat content, then other options may be more effective. For example, it might be worth trying appetite suppressants; these may also be particularly useful for people who are unable to undertake much exercise. Metabolism boosters are generally recommended for older people, as the metabolism is known to slow down with age, and for people who undertake a lot of exercise. A useful guide on diet pills can be found here, to help you decide which product would be best for you.

Products that come with a diet plan are often recommended, and can prove very useful to a weight loss regime – assuming that you are able to work with a diet plan and will follow it accurately and consistently. Side effects are another factor that must be considered; all weight loss supplements have some potential side effects – be these mild or severe, and so how products will interact with your body, particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, must also be taken in to account. Fat binders, carbohydrate blockers, and fat burners for example often come with potential effects relating to the gastro-intestinal tract, such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and flatulence.

Appetite suppressants on the other hand shouldn’t have an impact on the gastro-intestinal tract, but are not recommended for people who suffer from any psychological conditions. Any products that contain stimulants, such as caffeine, should also be avoided by people who have a history of cardiovascular problems. These provide just a few examples of potential interactions, so be aware of how the side effects of a product may affect you before purchasing it. If you are unsure about the safety of a product and how it may affect you, consult a doctor before consuming.


There are many fat burning diet pills on the market which is why it is crucial that you do your research before purchase to make sure you’ve made the right choice. There are many diet pill scams out there, so be careful not to fall victim to any of these. Information on how to identify and avoid a diet pill scam can be found on our Diet Pills Scams page. The products that we recommend are all sold by reputable companies who sell decent products with positive customer reviews. The companies also offer 100% money-back-guarantees. If you would like to browse through more diet supplements before making a decision on which is best for you, use our diet pill comparison tool.