Diet Pill Reviews

Last updated May 27th 2016

With such a vast number of diet pills on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best suited to your needs. Our diet pill guidelines will tell you all you need to know about selecting the right diet pill.

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Can Diet Pills Really Help Me?

Diet pills are an increasingly popular method of losing weight that many people turn as a either helping hand to assist a new healthy lifestyle, or an alternative for those too busy to follow a strict diet or exercise routine. There are many different types of diet pills out these, each catered to target different weight loss areas, which is why it is important that you understand what each supplement does and from there make a decision on which you think would best suit your needs.
There are five key areas that achieve successful weight loss results. These are: appetite suppression, metabolism boosting, fat burning and binding, carbohydrate blocking and diet plan. Each of these on their own can help weight loss, however, for the most successful results, a product that tackles all five areas would be a worthwhile investment.


So how do these five areas help with weight loss?

1. Appetite Suppresant Diet Pills

Suppressing the appetite can be done in several ways although mostly it includes eating foods or supplements that can decrease hunger or cravings. This is mostly done by increasing fibre intake or substances that can increase the levels of hormones in the blood which regulate hunger, primarily the protein hormone leptin. By suppressing the appetite one can reduce their food intake easily and therefore reduce the energy intake.


Many people find that when dieting they feel hungry or tired and by suppressing the appetite naturally it can help to prevent these feelings. It therefore means that you will be more likely to stick to a diet. Furthermore as you get used to eating less the body will begin to utilise energy stores therefore increasing fat loss, which leads us on to the next area: metabolism boosting. Read Full Article On Best Appetite Suppressants

2. Metabolism Boosting Diet Pills

Metabolism technically refers to the chemical breakdown of substances within the body including the breakdown of drugs as well as fats, although it is more commonly used to refer to the breakdown of energy stores and release of energy specifically.


By increasing metabolism the body can utilise energy stores in the form of fats and carbohydrates stored in adipocytes, or fat cells, or intracellular carbohydrate sources faster breaking them down and helping to reduce body weight, meaning the amount of energy used even at rest will increase. It also means that it will slow weight gain as fats and sugars taken in the diet will be broken down and used for energy production instead of being stored.


There are many foods which contain substances that can help improve metabolism. Such substances include caffeine and capsaicin, the chemical which gives chillies their ‘heat’. The fish oil omega-3 has been suggested to help regulate metabolism. There are many foods you can try to increase your metabolism, although exercise possibly the most effective way to increase the metabolism. Read Full Article On Best Metabolism Boosters

3. Fat Binding/Burning Diet Pills

This area refers specifically to regulating the amount of fat in the body. Fat binding basically means reducing the amount of fat absorbed from the diet by binding them to substances which prevent absorption.


There are several tablets on the market which can help reduce fat absorption and they do seem very effective at aiding weight loss. Often they work by binding to fat molecules in the intestine forming a complex that is too large to pass through the lining to enter the blood.


Fat burning is similar to increasing metabolism but refers to the breakdown of fat tissue specifically. This can be done again using food that are able to promote metabolism and can increase levels of hormones in the body such as adiponectin, a hormone secreted by fat tissue which regulates the breakdown of fat amongst other function.


Also substances such as capsaicin have been shown of increase thermogenesis, which is the production of heat energy by breaking down fat stores. Fat binding and burning can reduce fat throughout the body which helps to reduce body weight but also improves body shape. Read Full Article On Best Fat Binders/Burners

4. Carbohydrate Blocking Diet Pills

Carbohydrate blocking, also called starch blocking, similarly to fat blocking can help prevent absorption and storage of carbohydrates from the body. They typically work by inhibiting enzymes which promote the breakdown and storage of carbohydrates and therefore reducing the calories taken in from the diet.


The supplements designed to help carbohydrate blocking often contain a substance called phaseolus vulgaris, and extract from white kidney beans which can slow fat absorption into cells. The reduced carbohydrates in the diet means there will be less energy intake again helping prevent weight gain.


Some evidence also suggests that reducing carbohydrate intake can lower the risk of diabetes by preventing spikes in blood glucose levels. Read Full Article On Best Carbohydrate Blockers

5. Diet Plans Which Accompany Diet Pills

The final area of weight loss here is possibly the most important, and is the diet plan. It is widely accepted that the diet is the most important aspect of health and weight loss, as you could exercise regularly but if you are still taking in too much fats and carbohydrates weight will not decrease.


Therefore eating a healthy diet, rich in protein and vegetables will enhance weight loss as well as improving general health. There is a vast amount of diet plans available some of which are simple while others require some extreme changes.


However, eating sensibly is the most important aspect of the diet plan without cutting out all fats and sugars. A balanced diet combined with exercise, and supplements if you choose is the only way to effectively lose weight effectively and keep the weight off. Read Full Article On Best Diet Plans

6. Multi-Function Diet Pills

There are some diet pills out there that target multiple areas of weight loss. These supplements are arguably the most effective products on the market. Diet drops are able to target several areas of weight loss.


Drop technology allows for all of the ingredients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach, allowing for a greater quantity of different ingredients to be included in the formula. These differ from diet pills as when pills are taken, lots of ingredients are digested before they can reach the bloodstream. This is therefore less effective. Read Full Article On Multi-Function Diet Pills

7. How To Find The Best Diet Pill For You

When it comes to which diet pills to choose, everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another which is why we created a list of Approved Diet Pills. These are list of Diet Pills which meet our Approved Diet Pill criteria.