Unplanned Pregnancies Resulting from Bootea Teatox

Last updated May 27th 2016

Complaints have been launched against Bootea after their ‘teatox’ products have been blamed for a number of unplanned pregnancies. The teas can reduce the efficacy of the contraceptive pill – something that Bootea arguably does not make clear enough.

Bootea is a weight loss supplement brand that focuses on ‘teatox’ products. The products are increasing in popularity amongst young people (particularly females) thanks to their modern branding and significant presence on social media.

Since the ‘teatox’ products are advertised primarily as a method of weight loss, people may not be expecting them to have such a significant laxative and diuretic effect – something that can reduce the efficacy of certain methods of contraception and in turn, increase the likelihood of the consumer getting pregnant.

A number of newspapers have reported that Bootea customers who were taking the pill have fallen pregnant whilst taking the supplement. A warning can be found on the official Bootea website, but it has been argued that this warning is not clear enough.

What is Bootea Teatox?

Bootea is a company that sells a selection of ‘teatoxes’ as well as a multi-vitamin supplement, a weight loss shake, and accessories, such as a drinks shaker. The company is based in the UK and allegedly works to promote an ‘active, healthy and balanced lifestyle’. It is stated on Bootea’s ‘About Us’ page that they will never encourage people to go on a diet, instead promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

A number of celebrities have been seen to endorse Bootea ‘teatox’ products; these figures include Michelle Keegan and Katie Price, amongst others. The company has a large following on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter and the branding and images that they use seem to focus on the female market.

Rather than offering a detailed explanation of how the products work, Bootea provides a selection of unverified ‘before and after’ images. Bootea goes on to claim that the ‘teatox’ products work by ‘removing unwanted ‘toxins’ & built up waste matter, from your body via the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin.’ Precisely how the products supposedly achieve this is simply not stated.

The method of ‘cleansing’ the body for weight loss is not backed by any scientific evidence. Proponents of ‘detoxing’ regularly mention harmful ‘toxins’ that contribute to weight gain, but rarely describe what these ‘toxins’ actually are. It is not clear how the product may benefit the skin or kidneys, let alone the lungs.

Nevertheless, the method is employed by a number of successful weight loss companies. It is possible that people will lose weight whilst taking Bootea ‘teatox’ products, but this is far more likely to be due to the loss of water weight (thanks to its potential laxative effects) than to the loss of fatty tissue. As such, ‘teatoxes’ may offer short-term weight loss rather than a long-term solution to obesity. For more information on ‘teatoxes’, read our ‘Teatox for Weight Loss’ article

The Bootea products do come with an eating plan which offers a selection of hints and tips to improving your diet. They provide a number of healthy recipe ideas and discourage skipping meals. This aspect of the Bootea brand may well help to bring about healthy weight loss, provided that it is accompanied with regular exercise.


Unplanned Bootea Pregnancies

Since Bootea fails to provide any detailed explanation regarding how the product works, it may not be considered surprising that some people are unaware of its potential effects on the contraceptive pill.

The method employed by ‘teatox’ products involves ‘cleansing’ the system of ‘toxins’ and ‘waste products’; in other words, Bootea teatox works by having a laxative effect on the body, causing loose stools and potentially diarrhoea.

Bootea is not the only company to advertise this method for weight loss; indeed, ‘teatoxing’ appears to be becoming an increasingly common method of weight loss and most of the products that are advertised as ‘teatoxes’ will have precisely the same effects.

This laxative effect may impact the efficacy of contraceptive pills. If an individual is taking a product that has laxative effects, anything that is consumed will be passed through the body and flushed out much quicker than it usually would. In terms of oral medication (including the contraceptive pill) this means that the substances may not have time to be properly absorbed by the body.

As such, the contraceptive pill may pass through the body without being absorbed, and so without having the desired effect. Even if some of the substance is absorbed by the body, some may not be. This could mean that the pill has a reduced effect, rather than no effect at all.

For this reason, the instructions provided with contraceptive pills will state that the user should use additional forms of contraception if they suffer from diarrhoea within four hours of taking the pill.

Unfortunately, some people may not have read the instructions provided with the pill in detail, and it may not cross their mind that taking a laxative-like product could impact the efficacy of the contraceptive pill. As a result, several women have tried to warn customers of this effect after falling pregnant whilst taking Bootea ‘teatox’ products.

How Bootea can Help

The women who have shared their stories had all been taking the contraceptive pill carefully at the same time each day whilst undergoing a Bootea ‘teatox’ plan with the aim of losing weight. These individuals were shocked and confused when they found out that they were pregnant, but have stated that they soon became happy with the fact. They have shared their stories on forums and with the media in an attempt to warn other women under the premise that not all women would be in the same boat as them, and that for some people, becoming pregnant could put them in a difficult situation.

It is stated under the FAQ section of the official Bootea website that ‘Bootea may affect the accuracy of the pill’ and that customers should consult a doctor, nurse or pharmacist before taking the product if they are taking any other type of contraception, as they ‘cannot comment’ on the potential effects on any contraceptive methods other than the pill.

Customers have complained that this warning is not made clear enough; some believe that the statement should be made more obvious on the official website’s homepage and should be presented on a page before checkout. They argue that pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly, and is a serious side effect that women should be made aware of.

Others have stated that there is no mention of this possible interaction on the packaging of the product, and so have tried to encourage the company to add a warning to the packaging, since not everybody will read the FAQs of the official website before purchasing the product. This may be of particular importance because the product is sold through other retailers, such as the popular health store in the UK, Holland and Barratt. Whilst many people will research the product in depth before buying it, this will not always be the case, and some customers purchasing the product from other retailers may not even enter the official Bootea website.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant whilst taking Bootea Teatox

If you are taking a contraceptive pill at the same time as taking Bootea Teatox and you do not wish to fall pregnant, the obvious answer, and simplest method, is to stop taking the product.

If however, you wish to continue to take Bootea Teatox but remain pregnancy-free, you may wish to consider changing your method of contraception. There are other contraceptive methods available that should not be affected by ‘teatox’ products. We can discuss these in some detail here, but would recommend consulting a doctor or nurse before deciding to change your contraception and work out which may be best for you, as well as which will be safe for use alongside Bootea Teatox.

The NHS offers a comprehensive guide to the different types of contraception that are available. We recommend visiting this site for more information on each of the options described here.

Examples of contraceptive methods that should not be affected by ‘teatox’ products include the vaginal ring, the contraceptive patch, the coil (intrauterine device), the contraceptive implant, and the contraceptive injection. Remember that, like the contraceptive pill, none of the aforementioned options protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Diaphragms and condoms may also be considered with use alongside the contraceptive pill, particularly if you are unsure whether or not the ‘teatox’ product may be affecting the pill. It should be noted however that these are known to be slightly less effective at preventing pregnancies than the methods mentioned above.


It is mentioned on the official Bootea website that the ‘teatox’ products may have an effect on the contraceptive pill. The company does not however go into detail regarding this potential effect, nor does it mention the risk on the packaging or anywhere outside of the FAQs on the website. Following a small number of unplanned pregnancies that were the result of women taking Bootea Teatox at the same time as the pill, individuals have complained that the caution provided by Bootea is not clear enough. If you are taking Bootea Teatox as well as the contraceptive pill, it is recommended that you use additional protection or discuss other forms of contraception with a healthcare professional.