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How Can We Help You?

Here at HealthyCompare we review hundreds of diet supplements against our review criteria to help you find a weight loss supplement that's right for you.

Our 'Approved Criteria' highlights what we believe are essential factors in a weight loss supplement. Any supplements which meet all points in our 'Approved Criteria' are classed as approved diet supplements. All 'Approved' supplements will be given our 'HealthyCompare Approved' stamp.

Our Approved Criteria

  • Must come with a money-back-guarantee of at least 30 days
  • Product must be certified to confirm that they contain high quality ingredients that don't cause serious side effets
  • The product's ingredient list must be readily available
  • Purchasing the product must consist of a one-off payment that is not recurring
View All Approved Diet Supplements

What Types of Products can Help me Lose Weight?

Diet Pills

Arguably the most common method of losing weight, there are a vast variety of diet pills available including fat burners, appetite suppressants and carb blockers. Diet Pills can also contain a variety of different ingredients which can have different effects.

Diet Pills Pros

  • Fit any budget with supplements ranging from £5 - £50
  • There are pills available for any goal with some targetting fat burning whilst others target appetite suppressing

Home Cons

  • Some may find diet pills difficult to take
  • Some diet pills contain synthetic ingredients

Diet Shakes

Weight loss shakes are an increasingly popular method of losing weight. Mainly using the ingredient whey protein, diet shakes come in a variety of different flavours such as chocolate and vanilla.

Diet Shakes Pros

  • Easy to take and come in a variety of flavours
  • Free from major side effects

Home Cons

  • Can be quite expensive
  • Are more effective if you exercise alongside them

Weight Loss Teas

Weight loss teas are claimed to work by flushing out your system in order to lose weight. They are easy to take and contain natural ingredients such as green tea and oolong tea.

Weight Loss Teas Pros

  • Easy to take
  • Comprised of natural ingredients

Home Cons

  • Has laxative side effects
  • Not suitable for women taking the contraceptive pill

Diet Plans

The most traditional method of weight loss is by following a diet plan. Whereas results may not appear overnight, diet plans set you up for maintaining your desired weight long-term.

Diet Plans Pros

  • Encourages weight maintainance
  • Side-effect free

Home Cons

  • Can be difficult to stick to
  • It may take a while to notice results

Weight Loss Ingredients

There are many ingredients out there which can assist with weight loss such as, green tea helps to boost the metabolism. Once you know what they are, it’s easy to add the ingredients into your diet.

Weight Loss Ingredients Pros

  • Easy to include in your diet
  • Often come with other health benefits

Home Cons

  • Some ingredients have side effects
  • Some ingredients aren’t natural

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